Can You Get Pregnant After Having Your Tubes Untied?

Changing your mind over a permanent operation such as tubal ligation can now be possible using new developments in the field of reproductive surgery. The question of can you untie your tubes now has shifted to a more pertaining concern such as how much does untie tubes costs?

Before we start out, let’s discuss tubal ligation first and why having a clean and professionally done ligation can have an effect on the chance of having a successful tubal ligation reversal operation.

Tube Ligation is the process of cutting off the tubes that transports the egg or sperm into the uterus. Among other contraceptives, this is the most duly recognized contraceptive method as having a 99.9 percent chance of not getting pregnant compared to other methods such as using a condom and body rhythm. By severing the path that leads to conception, tube ligation has successfully and permanently eliminated the chance of getting pregnant. However, improper and unhygienic operation can damage the tissue thus severing the chance of rejoining them at a later time.

While tube reversal ligation has been on the rise with several women citing new personal reasons, previous study shows that financial problem is the first rationale on the list.

There are a lot of factors why women decides on having her tubes tied but majority of those who have been interviewed revealed economic woes as the primary reason. Having lots of children in this present day economy is not regarded as  a  wise move and getting your tubes tied seems logical among women and government agencies who even advocate tube ligation for controlling the population growth.

However, there are exceptions. A woman might have her fortunes reversed and consequently a change of heart and want to untie tubes. But how much does tube reversal cost and what are the chances of having one?

Tube ligation reversal operation is expensive. You should ask your insurance policy regarding this type of operation and how much is the fund allocation for such operation. Although most insurances does not cover tube reversal (but most, if not all, supported tube ligation) there would be some insurance companies who will have a 50-50 scheme.

Finding the right doctor is the most important aspect of tube reversal operation and good doctors almost always carry a price. Having experience and qualified doctors operated on you can decrease the possibilities of complications unlike underground doctors that offer cheap tubal reversal surgery which can have an adverse effect.