The 5 Bet Patio Alternatives to Use as Your Patio Pavers

Studies have shown that although spending on other items has gone down in recent years, the amount that people spend on home decor and home beautification has not followed this trend. Instead of going down it has in fact risen. This can be attributed to the fact that people still want to see their homes looking great. They could save on all the other things but when it comes to the way that their houses appear they are more than ready to spend money on it.

Lately outdoor patio rooms have become quite popular, these are usually made with paving stones. This adds to the beauty and charm of a house, that is why it has become a trendy thing to have done these days. The only problem with constructing a patio room is that the paving stones used for its construction are not cheap. Buying up all the paving stones that you need in order to construct the room can mean a substantial amount of money. If you want to construct a patio but you have a limited budget then you might want to consider using patio alternatives for paving it. Here are some of the best alternative patio pavers and paving options that you can use today.

Concrete Pavers

Using concrete pavers is the most common alternative to using stone pavers. It costs significantly less than the usual material and can be very durable. There are methods that can be followed in order to make these concrete pavers look like stone. Faux finishing is one such method.

Etched Concrete

Another alternative to patio stone pavers is the use of etched concrete. Concrete slabs can be poured on and then the surface can be scratched and etched to make it look like natural stone. The problem with using concrete slabs is that they have a tendency to crack especially at the stress points, unlike with real stones that are pieced together.

Rubber Form Tiles

An affordable and lightweight alternative to stone pavers is the use of rubber form tiles. These can normally be used for high traffic areas. They are ideal for use on rooftop patios where the use of heavy stone pavers is not advisable. These tiles are made from recycled rubber. They can also absorb the sound, and can help people who need to stand for long periods as they are soft on the feet.

Interlocking Blocks

These kinds of blocks are usually made from bricks, these cost more than concrete slabs but are cheaper than natural stone pavers. These blocks are very durable. They were developed to replace the interlocking stone blocks used in many European cities.

Casting Your Own Pavers

If you are the do it yourself kind of person, then you might want to think about casting your own pavers. There is pre-mixed concrete available in the market and it is very easy now to get information on how to cast your own pavers. You can also save a lot of money by doing it that way not to mention the pride of ownership that comes with this kind of DIY job.

These are the 5 most popular alternative means of paving your patio. Hopefully you’ll find one of the above will fit your budget and lifestyle. A patio can be enjoyed by just about anyone, you just need to think outside the box a bit to come up with a way to save money and at the same time have your patio looking great.